Who is Studio Momoki?
Studio Momoki is ilse Gerritsen.

What does Studio Momoki do?
Studio Momoki creates illustrations and illustrative design.

So what do you actually create?
Illustrations and designs for schoolbooks, greeting cards, birth announcements, CD covers, flyers, pictograms, characters, infographics, games, websites, and more...

And what does it look like?
Images you can relate to using forms and shapes that are clearly defined.

Who do you work for?
Mostly publishers, but also advertising agencies, cultural organisations, companies and private individuals.

When should we hire Studio Momoki?
If you're looking for digitally created illustrations, with distinctive images, presenting the world in a unique, colourful and simplified way.

And, when shouldn't we hire Studio Momoki?
If you're looking for realistic hand-drawn illustrations.

Do you have an online shop?
I don't have my own webshop, but you can order products with my design:
- Studio Momoki fabrics: Motiflow
- Papertoys: I occasionally sell something on my Etsy shop.
- Postcards designed by Studio Momoki from the Kaartje2go website. Unfortunately, the website is only available in Dutch.

What would you like to create in the future?
Studio Momoki really likes to make characters come to life.
It would be really nice to come across my own designs in the supermarket, to publish my own children's books, to create a mascot for a major sporting event, to see my characters turned into stuffed animals.

But what does Momoki actually mean?
As far as I know, it doesn't mean anything. But it has a feel that connects really well to my work. Round, friendly, and something you can easily relate to.